Graffiti resources

Art Crimes (the one that started it all)
@149st (the definitive history of NYC graffiti)
Wooster Collective (worldwide blog) (great photo archive)
The Writers Forum at 12ozPROPHET
Paint My Face (Atlanta-based site)
Flickr (tag-based photo sharing site)

Recommended books

Graffiti World: Street Art from Five Continents
Subway Art
Burning New York
Dondi White: Style Master General
Graffiti Brasil
Writing: Urban Calligraphy and Beyond
The Art of Getting Over
Spraycan Art
Broken Windows: Graffiti NYC
The Graffiti Model for Indie Filmmaking
Banksy: Wall and Piece

Recommended DVDs

Style Wars (the original, unbeatable documentary)
Infamy (excellent, more recent documentary)
Piece by Piece (covering the San Francisco scene)
Quality of Life (drama, filmed in San Francisco)
Wild Style (always a classic)

San Francisco scene

Upper Playground
Future Primitive Sound
Precita Eyes
Culture Cache Gallery
Fecal Face

Related projects

Vandal Squad (virtual trains)
Playdo Graffiti (realtime walls)
Hektor (a spraypainting robot)
GraffitiWriter and StreetWriter (more spraypainting robots)
Bikes Against Bush (same idea, mounted on a bike)
FatJab (same idea, on a set of brass knuckles!)
PixelRoller (on a paint roller)
Lumasol (3D tagging with light, by PIPS:lab)
The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal
Fading Ad Campaign
NYC Street Signs
Ghost Signs Project and Ghost Signs in Texas (via RUAVISTA)
Sleepy City (Australian underground photography)
The Untitled Project
Rouen Revisited
Fugitive Images
Graffiti Analysis by fi5e
Art in Cities


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