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January 23, 2004 on 6:42 pm | In global news | 2 Comments

Graffiti Artists Put Their Mark On War Against Terrorism. “When the government stonewalled efforts by Greenpeace’s Toxics Campaign to find out about the shipment of dangerous chemicals through the U.S. capital, the organization turned to an unlikely source of railway information: graffiti artists.” (From the Wall Street Journal. Here is the original link, but you have to subscribe to read it, so I’ve reposted it here.


  1. Hi, I have been trying to contact any influential indvidual with interest not in Graffiti but instead Early Native American.I have knowledge of two Early Man habbitant sites one in Ala. other in Ohio. I have been in constent search for six months now for Archaeologist with great interest or specializeing in Early Man.Have contacted several that have writen theroies,and or articals on tool finds,and numorious University,Historical societies most with no return call or reply. Those I have contacted have no interest at all, been told if they were anything that wouldnt be any wood or other material to carbon date and most likely these were geofacts.Without viewing stone or pictures.These professionals are good no viewing required.Within last month I have found wooden artifacts points,daggers,spears and wood sculptures perfectly preserved in year round spring fed saturated soils. Just whats needed for dating same disinterest as before.Through exstencive research find that tool technology simuliar to the upper Middle Paoeolithic period Pebble Culture most all stone artifacts have one or more sculptures of man,woman,or animal sculped on them very artistic people.It is awuful that all of the interested archaeologist in early man that I contacted lost interest when claim is brought forth its possible to busy selling early man books and bumpper stickers shame,shame,shame. For no longer should we and mainly our children be deprived of our true history.Im not the only one with finds multiple finds since early 1960,s an indvidual to get to involved rejection after rejection with every country other than US.&Can. recognizing the Paleolithic People came thru US to get to Mex.the Myan,yes somthing just not rite in this picture. This is not healthy for ones of these finds you know?(mental health)Abit of background on myself raised on farm,now an independent farmer&homebuilder no employies one home a year. I use tools everyday in both trades.I quickly recognized tool value in all Im mentally sound and hard headed I will not stop looking for someone to help in this matter that conserns all Americans if they only knew. We only know what we are taught if history books are missing first chapter were all getting cheated. I know this is far from GRAFFITI WAS LOOKING FOR some body to help I just hope its you THANK YOU David A. Gillilan (740)274-9742 ( PS )Just come to mind your are in the Graffiti this is most likly the earliest form and spread world wide are scatters of these Paleolithic Stone tools. And heres the kicker art work stone and now also wood sculptures. They are ones responceable for cave carvings & paintings,cliff & mountain sculptures.Maybe it was not an accident that I ended up here on your site. I sincerly hope that you or someone that you may have contact with can guide this matter in right direction.I believe this could create quite an artical on Graffiti. You supply the typest I have all we need x 1000,s of such mention artifacts. Again Thanks ph# (740) 274-9742

    Comment by David A. Gillilan — August 24, 2005 #

  2. Hoped that some one would of contacted me on the letter posted 8/24/05

    Comment by David A. Gillilan — September 10, 2005 #

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