GRAFARC in Wired News

December 27, 2003 on 6:47 pm | In events and press | Comments Off on GRAFARC in Wired News

Wired News has written a nice article about us: Digging Down Deep for Graffiti by Noah Shachtman. (And sorry, KR, about the slowness, we are still working out the bugs!)

Venice beach story

December 21, 2003 on 12:30 am | In global news | 1 Comment

From effyoo on the 12ozprophet forum: “when I was in LA, I was staying on Venice beach and checked the walls every morning after i got my orange juice. There was 2 or 3 new pieces every day. One morning I come out and it looked like someone smashed one of the walls with a sledge hammer or something. there was a crater 6 inches deep that was blasted away and you could see all the layers of paint that had been placed there over the years. It made me wonder just how everything had changed to create a layer of paint at least 6 inches deep. thats alot of fucking paint. and alot of pieces that people put heart into.”

Memepool and MetaFilter!

December 20, 2003 on 12:32 am | In events and press | Comments Off on Memepool and MetaFilter!

We’ve been blogged by Boing Boing, Memepool and Metafilter. Welcome everybody! Hope you enjoy your visit. (Hey tenseone: we dream of recreating Psycho City. Do you have any flix? If so, let us know!)

19th Street and Harvey’s Place

December 11, 2003 on 12:33 am | In site updates | Comments Off on 19th Street and Harvey’s Place

New wall: 19th Street. Five layers. This is a legal wall in the Mission, with some beautiful new work by APEX and NEON. I was lucky enough to capture this one in stages over four consecutive weeks, so this is a rare behind-the-scenes view of how these artists work. Stay tuned for a similar treatment of the recent production on 25th Street…

Another new legal wall: Harvey’s Place. Three layers, three big productions by APEX, NEON, ZORE, DELAY23 and others.

keeping notes on the Zeitgeist

December 10, 2003 on 12:34 am | In events and press | Comments Off on keeping notes on the Zeitgeist

From this Belgian blog: “Sometimes we think lightly about history, and all too often think that history is applicable only to a past far away. That archives were kept then, is considered normal by us. Keeping archives of the present – that sounds superfluous. However, if nobody keeps notes on the ‘Zeitgeist’, there will be nothing left to write history about later. This is what the people of this site have understood very well.” (Thanks to Liz Mattijsen for the translation!)

GRAFARC hits the mainstream press

December 5, 2003 on 12:35 am | In events and press | Comments Off on GRAFARC hits the mainstream press

Added two more layers on cavern/west_divider. Also in the news: grafarc has hit the mainstream press! From WFAA in Dallas: “Kudos to designers Cassidy Curtis and Eric Rodenbeck for demonstrating how interactivity can add both educational and entertainment value.” And from USA Today: “The navigation tools turn what could have been a slide show into a fascinating excavation.” We were also added to Yahoo!’s New and Notable Sites list. Thanks, you guys!

Three more layers

December 3, 2003 on 12:37 am | In site updates | Comments Off on Three more layers

Added three more layers on cavern/westB.

new layers on cavern/eastA

December 1, 2003 on 12:38 am | In site updates | Comments Off on new layers on cavern/eastA

Added three new layers on cavern/eastA (two of them courtesy of Buck Austin), bringing it to a total of 12 layers. Buck’s photos are beginning to fill in some critical gaps in 1999 and 2001. More to come.

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