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January 24, 2006 on 9:31 pm | In related links | Comments Off on obsess much?

As you can probably tell from looking at this site, I like to take photos of graffiti. A lot. At least once a week. Two or three times if possible. If a weekend goes by and I haven’t visited at least one of my favorite spots, I feel bad about it. It goes like this: “What if something great went up yesterday, but it gets painted over tomorrow? If I don’t get out there right now and take some pictures, it’ll be gone forever. I can’t let that happen!” And so, often against my better interests, I pack the camera in the bag and go. I’ve even considered calling in sick* just to take graffiti pictures.

Some might call this behavior a bit obsessive. I certainly feel that way sometimes. But not anymore. Oh no. For I have seen the work of the true obsessives, and they are mighty. Behold:

The Adaption to my Generation
Roman Opalka
Diego Goldberg’s March of Time
Noah K. Everyday
Alarm Clock Self-Portraits (warning: annoying popup window)

All these projects and many more can be found on AtmG‘s wonderful links page. (Via information aesthetics.)

*(Um, in case my boss is reading this, for the record, that’s never actually happened… though someday it might.)

Update: Ahree Lee has been doing something similar since 2001, and stitched some of her photos together into a pretty seamless video.
Update 2: Dan Hanna has been doing this even longer, and his video involves a dual-camera setup with a 360-degree annual spin! (Thanks to Emre for the link.)

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