More graffiti robots

October 28, 2011 on 4:39 pm | In related links | Comments Off on More graffiti robots

Senseless Drawing Bot:

and Robo-Rainbow:

aaaaaand, we’re back!

October 22, 2011 on 7:09 am | In site updates | Comments Off on aaaaaand, we’re back!

After ten years of running without a hitch, this site hit some major stumbles in the past 18 months. First the database went down, then the entire server. Fortunately now everything is up and running again, hopefully more smoothly than ever.

Also note our new permanent address: (no longer a subdirectory of!)

Retrieving buffed graf with QR codes

May 19, 2010 on 12:00 am | In related links | Comments Off on Retrieving buffed graf with QR codes

Berlin-based artist Sweza has started an interesting project: on walls that have been buffed, he pastes up a QR code that links back to a photo of whatever was there before. Sort of a virtual geocached spin on the Graffiti Archaeology meme, one layer at a time: GRAFFYARD.

(via Art Crimes)

San Francisco outspends other CA cities on the buff

December 9, 2009 on 5:28 pm | In local news | Comments Off on San Francisco outspends other CA cities on the buff

This article in SF Weekly brings up the issue of how much taxpayer money in San Francisco is wasted painting grey rectangles all over town, as compared to other California cities. It’s got a nice quote from Graffiti Archaeology pal Steve Rotman as well.

Full article after the jump.

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Graffiti Archaeology at IDFA / Doc Lab

November 20, 2009 on 10:29 am | In events and press | Comments Off on Graffiti Archaeology at IDFA / Doc Lab


The International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam has selected Graffiti Archaeology to be part of their Doc Lab program for 2009. More about Doc Lab:

IDFA’s Doc Lab investigates the relationship between documentary filmmaking and new media. The program is open to all media that can be used to tell a documentary story. During the festival, Doc Lab presents films, web documentaries, and installations that innovate the documentary genre. Projects are showcased in the Doc Lab Media Lounge and in cinemas during a number of special Live Screenings and events. The theme this year is Live Stories, and the principal guest is Ira Glass.

So, if you’re in Amsterdam this week, stop by the festival and check it out!

Serge Gainsbourg’s wall

November 7, 2009 on 10:07 pm | In global news, related links | Comments Off on Serge Gainsbourg’s wall

Serge Gainsbourg – animation des graffitis sur 5 ans du mur rue de Verneuil from Arnaud Jourdain on Vimeo.

This video, by Arnaud Jourdain, documents five years of the history of a graffiti wall in Paris dedicated to Serge Gainsbourg. What’s brilliant is the way he does it: instead of just playing back the photos in series, he isolates each individual tag, puts it on its own layer, and explodes the whole glorious mess out into space with 3D animation. It’s a beautiful, fresh take on the Graffiti Archaeology meme. The wall itself, with love notes and other hommages interspersed among the tags and wheatpastes, reminds me of the John Lennon wall in Prague.

What’s keeping me busy

May 26, 2009 on 6:36 am | In related links | 1 Comment

My Mom is Fly

Updates have been kinda slow on the site lately, mostly due to this new project I’ve been working on (see above). This is not a personal blog, but I had to post this shot here because of the sweet T-shirt Nate1 sent us from New Skool. Go check out his other wares, there are some excellent designs (I especially love the Krylon and headphones shirts!) Thanks Nate!

Bay Area Graffiti, the book

January 28, 2009 on 12:09 am | In local news | Comments Off on Bay Area Graffiti, the book


Photographer Steve Rotman (better known online as funkandjazz) has just released his much anticipated book, Bay Area Graffiti. It’s the first book ever to document the San Francisco Bay Area’s vibrant graffiti scene. Steve’s been a good friend and contributor to Graffiti Archaeology for years now, and his work is consistently the best of the best. Get the book! You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re local, there will be a book release party on February 6th, from 4 to 9pm, at 111 Minna, and on the walls will be artwork from a number of writers featured in the book. Don’t miss it!

more new layers: bluxome

October 16, 2008 on 10:49 pm | In site updates | Comments Off on more new layers: bluxome

Shown here: bluxome/eastA layer 14, October 5, 2008; piece by CHEZ.

Right next to Apex’s new piece is another huge, intensely detailed burner by CHEZ. Once again I was lucky enough to capture several stages of the work in progress to share with you here. Chez’s way of working with color here is something I haven’t seen before: overlaying a white-on-black backlayer with transparent colors for the fill. Check it out!

new layers: Bluxome

October 11, 2008 on 9:57 pm | In site updates | Comments Off on new layers: Bluxome


Apex has just finished an incredibly ambitious piece in the center of the Bluxome wall back here in San Francisco. It’s a third of a block long, and he used over five hundred different colors of paint to create it. It took him almost three months to finish, so I was able to catch several stages of the work in progress. I particularly enjoyed seeing the layering of color on color for the fill, and how he used the blank parts of the wall as a sketchbook for trying out different ideas. Check it out.

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